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Question: I got my period on 12th February..i have a cycle of 25 days..When will i be most fertile

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Answer: Your best days to conceive are February 21, 2019 to February 25, 2019
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Question: I am planning for baby .yesterday I got my periods so when I will ovulate .my length cycle is32 days. What will be my most fertile days?
Answer: For a 32 day cycle, ovulation will be on the 17th or 18th day. Your most fertile days will be 17th to 22nd day. Ovulation is counted to happen around 14 days before next period. You can also measure basal body temperature..that is use a digital thermometer and check temp early morning every day before u get up from bed. A day after ovulation, it will suddenly increase... about 0.5-1 degree. You can keep a record of daily temp, it will help u get a idea of the ovulation day
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Question: Hey, i got my periods on 14th February, it is a 32 day cycle, and would like to know about my fertile days. Please let me know when would i be more fertile after this period?
Answer: ur fertile days start from 1 t0 9 march.but among all of these days ur most chances for conceiving is on 5,6,and 7 of march as per ur cycle lenght.
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Question: My period cycle is of 32 days and my periods last for 7 days...when will be my fertile days
Answer: It can occur btw 11-21 day of your cycle you can have intercourse alternate days during this period to get pregnant. Alternative you can use ovulation strips during this period to get an accurate ovulation date.
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Question: What will be fertile period of 31 days menstrual cycle
Answer: 11th day to 18th day
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