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Question: I got miscarriage in march after 3 weeks pregnancy...now again im pregnant is there any prblm with it

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Answer: Hello... No,you have no connection with previous miscarriage and present pregnancy,but follow an healthy diet and healthy lifestyle for a happy pregnancy. Diet play an important role in pregnancy, A good nutrious diet , with mild exercise will give you a healthy baby Diet Take folate rich foods that includes green vegetables, lentils, chickpeas.. Intake of wholegrain,millets , cereals will also help Eat lot of vegetables and fruits which haslot of nutrients Eat nuts, dates,dryfruit as snacks,you can also have makhana Avoid caffeine,sugar,packed foods,pastries too Eat home made food than food brought outside Stay yourself hydrated, drink three litres of water a day, you can add fresh juice too If you are a non vegetarian, fish is best option you can have it weekly twice,other meat weekly once Drink two glasses of milk daily, good for bone health Eat figs and prunes daily ,to avoid constipation Thank you..
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Question: Hi im 12 weeks pregnant is there any chance of miscarriage in future .. im worried
Answer: Hi... Plz don't worry it will more effect the situation...u have be very cool and think positively it helps a lottt.. already u r on the end of 3rd month which is more careful period...u just consentrate on baby her growth and Ur healthy lifestyle and food....takerest as much as possible..don't get stressed and nervous...first Stop thinking about future.be happy that ur little one has growing day by day.. Every thing will be fine...good luck.
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Question: Earlier my wife got miscarriage and now after 3 months she is pregnant again. Is it safe or not?
Answer: Yes it is safe, Better consult you doctor to avoid miscarriage this time. Initial 3 months are very critical so suggest you wife not to use stairs much and avoid heavy lifting,jerk, travelling, and get all the blood tests done
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Question: Im 3 weeks pregnant... is there any prblm in using mobile and laptop
Answer: Hie You can use them just limit it's usage Have a tech free time as well There is no harm anyways we are surrounded with enough cell and wifi radiation so nothing to worry about
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