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Question: i got married before 4 yrs but 4 yrs went on studies now i am planning to get concieved my period due date is jan 18 regular cycle of 28 days i hav symptoms like food carvings, stomach ache , cramps under belly, high bp,head pain, do i hav a chance for positive result pls reply any one

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Answer: Yes may be because all your symptoms are of pregnancy, to be sure go for home pregnancy test 1 week after you miss your periods. Till that you will have to be more carefully in each and everything you will have to take care of your diet, your activities, your habits etc. All the best dear.
Answer: Yes. Symptoms are similar to pregnancy. But wait till your period miss.
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Question: Hello.. Dr.. And mom.. My lmp was on 11 December and 11 upt was positive.. After that 3_4day everything is normal symptoms seen lik cramp, nausea, wetting, but on 14 Jan I hav full day abdomen cramp and pain due continues standing 3 hr in kitchen.. After that, 15_20 today.. I was feeling symptoms and feel like light just likeI'm not pregnant.. Yesterday I was consulted gynac, who told me that my thyroid I'd high 5.96.start 100 mcg thyroid tablet.. Also informed that the pregnancy may continued or may not... Is it true.. symptoms disappear and high thyroid.. Cause pregnancy will not continue?? Pls guide
Answer: Take care dear. Check with your doctor
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