6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I got emotional on small things. I missed my periods. I checked tht I m pregnant. Little cramps in lower belly. When should I go to first appointment? I m sacred to go. Some people said they check from a device inserted in vagina. Really?

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Answer: Hello dear, Ur first scan should be in between 10 weeks and 14 weeks but an early scan is also done at 6 weeks or 7 weeks, if u are experiencing pain or vaginal bleeding.. Even if u have test pregnancy at home but for confirmation u have to visit doctor. Early prenatal visits help you in knowing that both u and ur fetus is healthy and growth of the fetus is also good. Don't worry dear and don't listen to everyone . Believe in u and ur doctors.
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    kanak pamnani33 days ago

    Thank u.

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Question: I m 8 weeks pregnant. I didnt get my first prenatal appointment yet. My family is saying I should go next week. I wanna ask I get little cramps in my lower belly. Sometimes on left side or sometimes on right side. Is it normal? Plz help
Answer: It is completely normal. These cramps are due to ur uterus as it is preparing space for ur baby's growth in ur womb
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Question: Hii. I missed my periods.. But my home pregnancy test is negative. I have cramps.. Feeling uneasy in my lower stomach .. I am really tensed.. Wat should I do?
Answer: Hi dear,You should wait to take a pregnancy test until the week after your missed period for the most accurate result. If you don't want to wait until you've missed your period, you should wait at least one to two weeks after you had sex. If you are pregnant, your body needs time to develop detectable levels of HCG. All the best! :)
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Question: Hi mam, i am 4 weeks pregnant and i feel too much bloating , gastric problem is there and very often i feel cramps in lower belly which is very much similar as felt during periods,so are these things normal?
Answer: Yes dear, these are normal symptoms and due to gas, you are feeling pain. Eat small, regular meals and stay away from foods that tend to give you gas. Fried foods, sweets, cabbage and beans are common culprits, Eating and drinking slowly, wear loose clothing will keep you comfy while you're battling the bloat...Yoga classes, Consuming plenty of liquids and high-fiber foods will help ward off constipation...Ask your doctor before taking any medications...try these remedies for prevent gas problem...A  good home remedy for bloating and gas is to boil three or four teaspoons of fennel seeds (saunf) and cumin (jeera) in one litre of water. Cool it and take frequent sips through the day with a bit of sugar to make it tasty. Chewing a raw piece of ginger after meals is also effective. 
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