8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I got diagnosed with right ovarian cyst in my first ultrasound . What should I do??

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Answer: Dear it will not harm your pregnancy. Every pregnant woman should have an ovarian cyst. This cyst is the corpus luteum, the “cyst of pregnancy,” which produces the hormone Progesterone. Sometimes we discover ovarian cysts which are larger than 5 cm, and which persist past 12 weeks. Hope it helps.
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    Roshni Rawat640 days ago

    Thank you ,Its other than corpus luteum..and i never had symptoms before.

Answer: See your gynecologist. S/he only can tell.
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Question: Hello doctor..i was diagnosed with simple cyst in my right ovarian...is it normal
Answer: Hello! It is not normal though but the doctor will keep a watch on it also. If it grows through the pregnancy then during delivery it might be removed. But it varies from pregnancy to pregnancy. Take care
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Question: I m 7 weeks pregnant, in ultrasound i m diagnosed an ovarian cyst in right ovary of size 5cm. What should i do now? Will it affect on my growing baby?
Answer: Hello dear Ovarian cysts develop as part of your normal menstrual cycle. These are harmless and very common. If an ovarian cyst is found during pregnancy, it shouldn't cause you or your baby any problems. Functional cysts are usually small, but can grow as big as 6cm (2.4cm) across.
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Question: I have an ovarian cyst,thus my period is irregular. What should I do?
Answer: Large or ruptured ovarian cysts can cause symptoms including pain, pelvic pressure or discomfort.In some cases ovarian cysts can cause problems with menstrual periods such as abnormal or irregular bleeding. Large or persistent ovarian cysts, or cysts that are causing symptoms, usually need to be surgically removed. Surgery is also normally recommended if there are concerns that the cyst could be cancerous or could become cancerous.
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Question: My cyst type is bulky right ovary with hemorrhagic ovarian cyst
Answer: Oh dear. I understand you must be concerned about getting pregnant with hemorrhagic cyst. Actually hemorrhagic cysts do not have a negative impact on fertility. Even if you need to have one ovary removed, as long as the other ovary remains healthy, you likely will be able to conceive, assuming you don't have other medical issues that could affect your fertility. Talk to your doctor about it. Take care
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