8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I got conceive for 2 times but all the time after 6 to 7 week my baby is not growing and looks like missed abortion. Right now am 9 weeks pregnant still my fetus do sent have the heart beat and the exact growth for the week. Going to abortion. Is there any other way to get pregnant with a good health nd growth baby......??

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Answer: dear sorry for your loss.. I too have faced this situation.. Dont know whats wrong with body , why this happens , docs say that was not a healthy pregnancy.. Have u done ur tests and all investigations, do u have any problem medically ?
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    Anonymous Mom60 days ago

    No, I don't have any other issues medically

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Question: Hai, on 24th august i got abortion using medicine( pills) because heart beat and growth of fetus is too low so doctor suggest me to get abortion. When i am safe to trying for get pregnant
Answer: You should wait for 3 months minimum. It depends on how many weeks you have lost your baby.
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Question: Hi, I am pregnant with twins and one has healthy growth the other don't have heart beat. I am 8 week pregnant. What will happen
Answer: Hi,relax,take good rest better to take bed rest also have a healthy diet ,this will help the baby to grow well. Keep monitoring ,repeat your scan Don't take stress. This should help
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Question: Mam. I have my right fallopian tube block but still I got normal pregnancy. When I was 7 week pregnant I got babies heart beat. But after two days babies heart beat was stopped. Did the scan affect the baby
Answer: Hi Dear! I am really sorry to hear your loss.. No dear scan doesnt effect fetus in any way because the spatula with which the scan is done creates a wave which creates an image of your uterus to check the fetus and other things and it creates a very small amout of heat which is absorbed by the body and doesnt reach the baby.. Pls talk to your Dr. to understand the reason so that you can take precaution fr the next time... Good luck!
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