8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I got cbc test done .result shows normal wbc but high neutrophils around 78% from normal range 40 to 70% .so can it be harmful.

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Question: I got my blood report today. Neutophils is showing high. 73. ??? What does that mean?? Normal range is 40-70
Answer: mild rise is not to be woried of it can be a sign of normal imunity response in colder season but if you are suffering from mild cold sneezing and coughing occasionally then neutrophills are your first line of defense that increase to combat the pathogens do not worry.
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Question: i done my cbc n other testxx...wbc normel range sould b 4 to 11 ...mine above 11 ...around 13 ...wts the reasons???
Answer: Hi,yes it is slightly high .but not to worry .high range if CBC means there is some infection in the body which needs to be addressed.you should inform this to your Dr so that the Dr will go in detail study to understand where is the infection and accordingly he will be treating you but don't worry.taje care
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Question: My Blood test result shows: WBC: 11.7x10^3/ uL (Normal range is 4×10^3/uL- 10x10^3/uL) C ur Wbc : 29uL (Normal Range: 0-9uL) My second result is very high... What will be the possible reason
Answer: hi dear! with high wbc it indicates infection in the body dear. so i dont know what you are facing and why did you take a cbc . but it can be that you are having infection which can be accompanied by fever . so best advise would be to visit your doctor dear. dont worry everything will be fine. take care.
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