40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I got c ld and little fever. I'm 34 weeks pregnant. Can it harm my baby? 😐

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Answer: Consult ur doctor dear.. Fever delivery ke time ho to it makes an issue as ur 34weeks pregnant it will not harm baby but ur ealth should be Better for ur child.. Ask doc for what to follow in diet also... Best of luck
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Question: hi hello I'm 34 Week pregnant mom if I eat slate pencil it can harm my baby
Answer: No dear it's not at all good for you and you need to be checked for anemia or other nutritional deficiencies; they can cause cravings for inedible substances. Take care and get it checked
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Question: My 34 weeks pregnancy going on , I have little bit cold and little bit fever. But i m not taking any medicine for that only taking steam . So is it any harm to my baby becoz cold and fever
Answer: As such there is no harm. Make it sure ur flu shouldn't become severe. Precaution is better than being sorry.
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Question: I have got lot of pigmentation near my belly how can I get rid of it. I'm 34 weeks pregnant
Answer: Don't worry it's totally normal. It will automatically clear after birth.
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