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Question: I got brown discharge yesterday my period wil miss 8 days.. Again today white discharge. It is sign of period or pregnancy. Please help me

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Answer: hi dear ! Brown-colored discharge is actually old blood exiting your body. Spotting blood or brown discharge around the time of your expected period may be a sign of implantation in early should take a pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy.!
Answer: Hi,this could be the sign of pregnancy.if you have crossed your period date you should do your upt to confirm your pregnancy.
Answer: Wait for 5 more days and do home pregnancy test..Brown and white discharge are common some times..Not to worry..
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Question: Mam my lmp was on 6feb i miss my period this month few days before my abdomen and back was too pain and brown discharge and now aday white discharge is this the sign of pregnancy or period
Answer: hi dear, pre period symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are similar and often creates confusion. It will be better to take a pregnancy test at home to confirm pregnancy.
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Question: 2days late period and yesterday i had brown discharge and again red spotting i thout it wad period but today again brown discharge and feeling notious
Answer: First of all you go for UPT. A slight positive result would come even on the 28th day of LMP. Spotting and discharge may part of implantation.
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Question: My period date is dec 22 but i don't get the periods. Yesterday i have light brown spooting. Y. It is sign of periods or pregnancy. Today i got white creamy bleeding
Answer: Yeah wait for 3 more days and do pregnancy test..spotting may be sign of pregnancy..Wait for result..good luck..
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Question: In the due date of my period I got watery white discharge its the sign of early pregnancy or period
Answer: Hi Dear, Watery white discharge will leaks before periods and also in pregnancy time. So better to check with home pregnancy kit to get confirmation. You can check after 7 days of missed periods
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