7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I got brown discharge morning, but there is no bleeding so i went to dr and they taken scan for me and they said there is not growth in fetus also absence of yolk in sac. But still they ask me to take dup. tablet and ask to come on next week. Any one came across this situation and please pray for me sisters

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Question: When i was 8 weeks i went through scanning but doctor said yolk sac , fetal development is not visible and heart beat also not seen and they told me to come after 2weeks , Am worried is there is any issue?
Answer: The heartbeat should be audible via Doppler between 10 to 12 weeks.. You are on the early side of this so it may not be detectable. If you are over weight if you have anterior placenta it's little more difficult to find heartbeat. Consult doctor dear as he told after two weeks. Don't worry. Be possitive everything will be fine dear.
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Question: I am in 45 day of pregnancy, i went for scan in 43rd day. Doctor said there is no heartbeat detected and growth is like as 4th week. Again they said to come next week. I am worried of it.
Answer: Dear if the growth was of 4 weeks then it could be due to late conception and I would suggest you to go for a scan after 2 weeks. The heartbeat arrives at 6 weeks of pregnancy so hopefully everything will be fine in the next scan. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi in my 8 week scanning dr said no heartbeat detected .but sac and pole is there. And ask me to come next week for scanning.Iam so worried about this .
Answer: Hi It happened with me as well and i went for re-scan after 2 weeks and it was all okay. SO dont worry.
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