12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I got bleeding on 27th jan after almost 2 & a half month pregnancy. I got it checked by doctor, she gave me medicines and injections to stop it. Now I am better than before in sense my bleeding is cured now externally but still bleed is internally around my baby. What should I do to save my baby

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Answer: Hello dear. The only things you can do now is follow your gynae instruction and do as she says. Take the medications timely and if she has suggested bed rest please take that. In case of internal bleeding your gynae should be able to do something about it you just need to eat healthy and stay hydrated and take medications. Hope it helps
Answer: Hi Dear! If your bleeding has stopped u need not worry and since u r under Dr.s guidance your Dr. is thr to help you and if u r on hormonal supplement nothing would happen and baby will be safe too. Please be positive!
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Question: hi....I had c sec on 27th Jan...I had bleeding for 20 to 22 days...than it stopped....when will my period cycle starts again...
Answer: After delivery periods become irregular when it happen again no body can tell. Many women experience irregular periods when breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is driven by the release of hormones and those hormones can make your periods unpredictable. Its takes some time to regulate your periods.
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Question: Im baby of one and half month old... Got c section delivery n bleeding din stop til last week.. it was like spotting.. now suddenly heavy bleeding started from day before yestedsay... Is it normal
Answer: Hi dear it is not normal and it may be happening due to utreus infection. Z don't wait and visit doctor to get it checked and medication.
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Question: I gave birth to my baby on Nov 26 and my periods are continued up to 20th December almost 25 days than after a break of 6 days again I started to bleed and still it's continuing now almost 10 days over still I n bleeding is this normal and after completing this periods when i have chances to get periods again
Answer: It will come like that only. And it will cure soon no need to worry. For me also was there my baby born on nov 24.
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