14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I got an early pregnancy scan done at 6 weeks 1 day. My baby's heartbeat was 98 bmp. There doctor told it is less. Is this ok? It this condition normal? I'm really worried

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Answer: At 6th week baby heart beat will be low only. Even I faced the same then my doctor advised to do scan after 2 week at that time baby heart beat was normal. Do not worry do scan after 2weeks
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Question: Doctor saying my baby's heartbeat isn't there, I'm just 6 weeks pregnant, doctor said after 10 days come to scanning will check that again...😰😭😭 When babies usually will get heartbeat??
Answer: Dear not to worry, usually baby heart beat and viability can be detect at 6-7 weeks of gestation.sometimes might not able to hear baby heart beat at this weeks.so you can wait till 9 weeks to hear baby heartbeat.please get scan after 10 days to check viability of fetus.continue taking antenatal supplements.take care and all the best
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Question: Hii I'm 21 weeks pregnant I have kidney stone and back pain is there... Is it any problem to baby.. I'm so worried about this problem
Answer: There it is all about the size of the stones of please ask your doctor about the same and drink lots of water and back pain is quite normal you can warm compress your back with hot water bag and also keep on taking healthy diet make sure not to stand for long time
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Question: Hai ...14 weeks vaccine was done to my son after 9 month doctor told me to come for vaccine...is it fine
Answer: Dear after 14 weeks consult to ur dr @6 months at that time OPV 1, Hep-B 3 should be given so consult to ur dr nd go for vacination try it
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