12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I going motion 3 times a day...is this prbm?? It will affect my weight gain and baby's growth?

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Answer: Hi.. Don't worry dear.. Loose motions happens due to dehydration,food allergy, indigestion, digestive issues are normal in pregnancy. Have buttermilk with little ginger and cumin seeds ,it will stop loose motions.U can also have muskmelon juice for couple of days it will cure loose stools.Avoid oily,fried item ,spicy items too.Drink lot of water , include fresh juice too.Apply castor oil on your tummy,it will reduce the heat.Have bland food items like rice porridge,curd rice, bread.Make a habit of drinking cumin water after every meal will help you in digestion..
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Question: My 3 week old baby poops for 4 to 5 times a day. Will this affect his weight gain ? He also pees 7 to 8 times a day
Answer: hello dear dear baby is 3 weeks old if baby s on feed and don't take solid nd completely depend on feed and do poop 10 times in a 1 day or do 1 times in 10 day s completely normal nothing 2 worry about.its normal. your baby is doing 4to 5 times in. day it's completely normal nothing to worry about .
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Question: Does going motion affect baby's growth??
Answer: Hi dear guess the baby is having too many loose motions when it does affect the baby's growth it is better to treat it you should give more probiotics to you baby as in medicine and curd. Avoid milk if possible unless you are breastfeeding
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Question: My baby is pooping 4 times a day... Does it affect my baby's weight?
Answer: hi no dear pooping 4 times in a day means your baby is having enough of the milk so don't worry it's very normal for small babies to even poop for 10 times in a day .
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