9 months old baby

Question: I give my son one cheese cube daily like half by 11 in d Mrng and other half by 5 in d evening wen he wakes up after his afternoon nap.. is dat ok

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Answer: yes you should its very healthy to give to babies.
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Question: My son is 1 and half years old.. I introduced diluted cows milk this week.. A bottle before bed at night.. For the last 3 days he wakes up daily by 3 am and is itching his legs. I changed sheets and his blanket. He still woke up. N exactly at this time. So I was wondering if he may b allergic to cows milk. But reaction only comes just about after 5 hours.. Can someone help?
Answer: Hi ,yes he can be allergic to view s milk.i feel you should stop it immediately and consult your Dr who may ask you to do some test by which you can come to know if the baby has intolerance to cow s milk And then accordingly you can change the milk Take care
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Question: At night I give top feed to my feed around 11:30 after dat she wakes up around 5 or 5 :30 . she is 1 month old ... is dat ok with her
Answer: No feed baby every 2 hrs in this month. Dont wake her. Just take her close to you n she ll start sucking in sleep.
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Question: hello.. my son doesn't drink formula milk.. if drinks also he drinks approx 60ml... but if v give badam milk which v get it in any grocery store he drinks full bottle like 200ml like half Mrng and half evening. is it good to give him badam milk
Answer: Go for milk that you use in daily basis. My son is drinking amul milk since he was 6 months. Doctor prescribed 3-4 brands of formula milk, but he didn't drink any of them and used to cry alot. When we tried to give Amul milk, he readily had it. In beginning he had loose stools for 2-3 days, but Now he is 9.5 months and he drinks Amul toned milk 8 Oz 5-6 times
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