33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I get white discharge and its itching sometimes ,any home remedy?

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Question: Im get little drops of white discharge and itching...any home remedies is there to solve my problem...
Answer: Hi Its quite normal in pregnancy to get vaginal white discharge than normal due to hor.onal change but do notice it ll be thin,clear or milky white and dosent smell...if you get anything like gel and smells bad that ll be amniotic fluid and do urge to doctor in that cases otherwise normal white discharge is nothing to be worries As itching is there it is good to consult with doctor to check whether vaginal infection is there
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Question: Lots of white discharge and Itching at the vagina. Any remedy?
Answer: hi please do not worry it is common in pregnancy due to hormonal changes drink lot of water always use clean toilets clean the area with warm water if itching is severe or discharge has color or smell contact doctor
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Question: Itching occurs due to white discharge . Is there any remedy.
Answer: Hi dear, keep the area clean and dry , wash it with mild soap or lactacyd . Change inner wear regularly or use panty liners changing them at regular intervals to maintain hygiene.
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