33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i get angry very fast n bhut chid chid ho rai hai...i knw its not good in pregnancy but suggest me smthing about it

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Answer: this type of behavior is a common in pregnancy but try to control on yourself dear it has an bad impact on ur baby whenever u are angry listen musicc
Answer: do yoga.. and listen calm music's ...
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Question: how can i control my anger?even i knw its not good somwthings happen that i get angry.
Answer: Hii dear. It happens due to harmonal dis balance. Mood swings is very common during pregnancy. When u get angry try to divert urself or thing sometime good. Listen to calming song, do meditation and morning walk.it will.keep u fresh and active. Have healthy food and avoid being starving. Try to avoid traveling in heavy traffic or polluted areas. Indulge urself in exercises, yoga and swimming. U can also join pre natal classes to cope up with it. If it's extreme then don't miss to seek professional help. All the best.
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