6 months old baby

Question: I gave dates puree for my 6 month old baby..first I give only 2 spoon..but she wass crying to have again. I gave 5 or 6 spoons. But now i am tensed. Is it ok ?

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Answer: dont take too much it may become prblm like loose motion
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Question: I dont know wat to do im so tensed bcoz of my baby....she cries alot....she only crying always not sleeping...a whole day she crying only sleep 1 or 2 hr a day.....when i feed her also she crying...first she drink properly then she start crying....she s 28days old
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. This can be due to two reasons.one is cholic and second is skin irritation. Please check babies skin. If it is dry or you see any lines or spots then it must be allergy.You need to give baby oil massage cream and you need to use atarax drops as per doctors advise. If not allergy it must be cholic. Apply warm oil on babies tummy, massage and exercise as if baby is cycling. Since baby is crying you need to use colicaid drops as per doctors advice. If nothing works out contact doctor. Take care
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Question: Hi my baby is 6 minth old and i just now i have started my office and she was on breast feed only now the problem is that she is doesn't want yo take formula nor by bottle neither by spoon, i am really helpless as somebody try to give her milk by spoon she refused to intake it and cry and vomate
Answer: Same happened with me.. my baby too refused to take milk by any means except breastfeed.. as baby is 6 months old now, u can add other meals to d baby when u r not there.. dal Ka Pani, cerelac, moong dal khichdi, banana, boiled potato and puree of different fruits. And when u r back, breastfeed d baby..
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Question: My baby is 6 months old. I have started giving her carrot puree and apple puree..she has not passed motion for the last 3 days.is it ok or not? what should i do now?
Answer: Don't give too much. Give only 1 tablespoon for 6 month baby. Any try 1 food for 3 days and see the effect. If it suits him then give otherwise stop and try another one
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