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Question: I gave birth a baby boy on 17th of April through normal delivery. everything was quite OK but doctor sent him for regular checkup. there he was admitted saying that his heartbeat was little fast and oxygen supply is not proper. after 1 week he was relieved but doctor has told us for an ECHO test. I m so scared. what could be the possibilities?

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Answer: hllo dear...echo s a ultrasound test that uses sound waves to view the heart..it s safe nd painless ...picture of childs heart can be view on s mall monitor while the process s performed...they want to check structure and function of heart..so dont worry abht..tc
Answer: Hello dear dont be scared plz. Everything will be fine and follow doctor and give your baby proper treatment. If you want take other doctor opinion too.
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Question: Hi all its my 36th week I was told by the doctor that my cervix got opened 1mm and I'm admitted in hospital but doctors gave me injection to stop pains and advised to wait for some more time I'm scared do I get labor again or I have to go through c section
Answer: It is better to go for normal vaginal delivery. You may experience pain but after delivery you can get back to the normal status soon. C section is an operation. After c section you need more time to come back to normal status. Cervix is open only 1cm. First pregnancy it takes more than 8hrs for full dilatation of cervix. So your doctor told you to wait. My suggestion is you try for normal delivery. Already labour process started. A medical team is there around you. They will support you.. Talk to your relatives. Be relaxed.. God will give you strength.. All the best..
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Question: Hii..i was bleeding on Sunday so the doc called me immediately during the scan i was detected with a blood cloth ..i was admitted in the hospital for 5 days. Yesterday there was a slight spotting.. Doctor suggested bed rest.. But i m scared since this pregnancy is through ivf...i want my baby healthy
Answer: Same I also faced on 11th week I got heavy bleeding I think I aborted but I went to doctor she said baby has heart beat and fine said low lying placenta take bed rest .given injection and tablets now ok
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Question: My baby was born on 5 july nd was admitted in nicu on 7th july morning because he turned blue...he has stopped turning blue but his oxygen levels drop low when he breastfeeds...nd digests...m very worried due to this....can anyone guide me through this?? His echo nd brain tests are normal...md my baby is born via c sec on edd...plz help me anyone...doctors are not able to diagnose....
Answer: Hello, Some newborns have very fast or labored breathing in the first few hours and it is hard to suck in milk and breath so your oxygen levels will drop.
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