10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I forget to say i m 8weeks pregnant plzz help me out with my answee about my mood

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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. If your question was about mood changes. Mood swings are normal in pregnancy. Divert yourself with good books. Listen to good music. Talk to people you are comfortable with. Spend some time with plants thus gives you lot of relief. Sleep well. Remember if you are happy only baby will be happy inside.If it's something else please comment here or post again. Take care
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Question: i have low lying plecanta...thats why i m worry plzz help me out.....
Answer: Hello dear Low-lying placenta, or placenta praevia, is a complication of pregnancy where the placenta that feeds the growing baby is attached to the lower part of the womb near to or covering the cervix. A low lying placenta, by itself, may not require any treatment. If it is early in your pregnancy, before the twentieth week, then there is a good chance that the placenta will shift into an upward position as your uterus expands. If the placenta stays at a low lying position but is not near enough to the cervix to be classified as placenta previa. However there are treatments to prevent the two most common complications of a low lying placenta: bleeding and pre-term labor. To prevent these problems some women are placed on bed rest or limited activity. Especially activities that result in bouncing or jarring of the lower abdomen need to be avoided. Similarly some women need to refrain from sexual intercourse, or the use of rectal suppositories or vaginal douches/suppositories. The degree of restriction depends on whether or not the woman is experiencing any vaginal bleeding or pre-term labor.
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Question: I m pregnant of 8weeks nd suffering from diabetic tel me about food daiet
Answer: if you are suffering from gestational diabetics then eating a variety of foods is recommendedfor you and it is better to eat smaller portions throughout the day (e.g. 3 small to moderate meals and 2-4 snacks) rather than just a few large meals.Many women with gestational diabetes will be advised to eat fewer carbohydrates than in their normal diet and to eat complex carbohydrates that contain fiber. It’s important to limit consumption of foods containing large amounts of simple sugars.High-fiber foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole-grain products, are not only nutritious but also effective in keeping blood sugar levels stable.Skipping meals is not recommended because this leads to undesirable fluctuations in blood sugar levels.
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Question: I can't able to feel my baby inside my stomach till now.. I m worrying about it.. Help me out..
Answer: It's normal condition. You may start feeling it and the movements after 17 weeks.. You can listen to the music. Have a snack like cheese, a glass of natural juice so that the blood sugar will help the baby to kick.
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