6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I finished my 41 days..can i have physical intimate(sex) with my husband

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Answer: First three months are very crucial with the to avoid having sex. First confirm From your doctor if there is no complications then u can have sex. Tk care.
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Question: I have lots of cramps since 2 weeks at below abdomen and back .and I have period before 2 days of my period date .nd the bleeding also very light nd finished in one day ..is this pregnancy symptoms ?
Answer: It could also be the spotting prior to periods.i would suggest you to wait for few days and test it out if there is no periods.this cannot be the only symptoms of pregnancy.
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Question: Can i have do oral sex . Someone tell me
Answer: Yes dear....it is safe to do oral sex in pregnancy but also it would be better to use condom to avoid any type of infection..
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Question: My last period Dec 28..my fertile days and ovulation day is finished on 10 th Jan..my circle is 27 days..I have pain in my pevis and stomach is too tight..why what's the problem
Answer: In implantion timing cramps pain are common dont worry good luck
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