5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I find red discharge it is in dark red colour

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Answer: Dear in early pregnancy it's completely fine to have mild spotting ,as it can be because of stretching of the uterus but it's important to get it checked by doctor and get ultrasound done to know the exact reason for it...
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Question: Yesterday some dark red colour discharge. today discharge colour normal.Am 9 week pregnant. Any problem.
Answer: Spotting is normal during early pregnancy but if it is heavy bleeding..immediately consult your doctor
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Question: Yesterday nit i find red discharge with dark red color but it is not liquid and also i am having stomach pain is this miscarriage
Answer: Hello dear. No it is not a miscarriage but it could be a complication hence it has to be reported to your gynae to ensurr everything is fine. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am 29wks, i have a discharge which is watery and light red in colour. Is it a problem?
Answer: Yes. This bleeding is not good. Go to hospital immediately to avoid infection or sudden water brake. If possible ask for hospitalization if even you need money for every day spending in hospital.
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