38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i felt baby kicks at left side down... tat mean my baby head is down???

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Answer: If you press gently near your pubic bone and feelsomething round and hard, it's your baby's head. pregnancy bump may look like it is sitting lower when the baby drops *Symptoms* include : Pelvic pain. ... Easier breathing. ... Hemorrhoids. ... More discharge. ... Frequent need to urinate. ... Back pain.
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Question: m feeling more movement at right side bt feeling that head is at left side what does it mean
Answer: there will always be lot of confusion from these movements but trust me my experience says whatever we judge it's not always true. you feel like head but it might be baby back so relax don't worry about these little things. pack your bags n be ready for hospital.
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Question: I feel baby kicks and movements arround my belly button..is that mean my baby is in head down position???
Answer: Hello, do that doesn't mean your baby is in head down position if the baby is in cephalic position at the head down position you will have the kicking hurt your abdomen near ribs.
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Question: suddenly I felt movement in lower abdomen.as I felt like it was baby head. ...is it possible that baby head comes down at this stage?
Answer: yes dear..jb lower m feel ho movement..tb baby ka head niche hi hota h...baki apka usg hoga 32 week m..tb clear hoga..muge b same aisa hi lgta ta...usg hone.pr clear ho gya
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