7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel vomiting plz tell me

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Answer: Its normal during pregnancy
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Question: Im 12 week pregnant.. Plz tell me remedy for vomiting.. I feel totally strength less..
Answer: if you are feeling vomitting more than 2 times a day and it is affecting the diet schedule then i will advise you to see your gynae for one routine scan at 10--11th if not done then should be done now in 12th omez, rantac or meclizine are few medication, ondem etc are given to control vomits if the vomits happen post first trimester. do not worry see your dr now for a scan and one routine prescription.
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Question: hello i am 2 months pregnant but i dont feel anything vomiting nausea nothing should it happen plz tell me
Answer: Hello dear. It is normal to not feel like vomiting or nausea!!As long as u have done all your scan and tests and everything was nirnal ,u dont need to worry....every person's body reacts differently to fluctuations in hormonal levels..so dont worry.
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Question: Plz tell me how can I reduce my vomiting?
Answer: Hi soon to be mom, Do not stay empty stomach for too long. Take short meals but frequently. Empty stomach leads to acidity and weekness this again makes the urge to vomit. God bless u.
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