19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel very tierd y i am not able to do any work any remedies

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Answer: Hi dear. Its normal to feel tired in pregnancy. Eat healthy. Take a lot of rest. Drink a lot of watet and fruit juices. Go for walks and do simple exercises.
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    Mahi Sudarshan590 days ago

    Eat in smaller amounts frequently. Take vitamin supplements. Drink milk twice a day. Add nuts and dry fruits to your diet

Answer: It happens.. Just do rest whenever you feel tired
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Question: Nowadays I feel very tired and sleepy.. I can't able to do work... Is it normal??
Answer: Hello dear, It is perfectly normal and there is really nothing you can do other than rest every chance you get.  If you are working take a little nap during your breaks.  It will pass in time.  Hang in there. Your physical changes this week. It's still too early to see or feel your expanding uterus through your abdominal wall. You may feel occasional crampsand lower abdominal pains also. A  few causes of tiredness I've found were, low blood sugar, dehydration, and (early on) your body adjusting to the new blood volume. So try eating a piece of fruit or drinking more watter.  If you are feeling a lot weakness plz visit ur doctor before taking any medication.and try to engage urself with another activities. Take care urself....
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Question: I am not able to sleep on my left side. It's very painful. Any remedies
Answer: Hi dear u can sleep on right side for sometime if left is difficult. U can keeps on changing the posture. Also u can opt for pregnancy pillow. There are three types of pillow like c shaped u shaped and wedge shaped. So u need to see how is ur body shape and size. Also do look for the affordable price. Select the shape which can easy ur body pain like for back pain c shape really give a wonderful support. Also opt for the fabric material which is comfortable for u and offer optimum supoort to ur body and specially belly area. Do also think about ur sleeping position and then opt for the shape. 
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Question: I am not able to breathe properly ... Even if i do small work i am not able to breathe normally.. can u please suggest me remedies
Answer: high as the baby is growing and the uterus is expanding it creates more pressure on the diagram therefore it makes difficulty in breathing however it is advisable to do your activities slowly you should also keep your back posture a rat you can take help of keeping a pillow behind your back which will help to give you comfort in breathing you should also check your BP levels and keep your body when hydrated
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