32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel very sleepy nowadays day time also,what exercises can ai do home as cannot walk more outsode now,and diet for normal delivery plz

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Question: My 5th month is going to end what to do for normal delivery exercises and diet
Answer: Take healthy diet.....take coconut water everyday....i m taking ghee in milk from my 1st day for having normal delivery....but you ask your doctor before using any new thing in your diet.....walk regularly...do household works...everything....avoid lifting heavy objects....and at last god will help us...trust him!
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Question: I feel very sleepy all the time what to do for that?
Answer: Congrats on your pregnancy. This is quiet common during pregnancy, don't worry I too used to face the same, this would be due to the changes in harmons, it would settle down gradually. Take care.
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Question: Ma'am I feel sleepy full day I walk on my terrace for 1 hour but also feels sleepy
Answer: It's normal dear. This is because of progesterone hormonal changes in body. Enjoy ur sleep
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