32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel very sleepy nowadays and dizziness..but as my walk and exercise is decreased will it affect my body for delivery?

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Question: Hi dear, I am 12th week pregnant... But I feel very much dizziness and sleepy anytime... I can't do anything and feel very much week... Is it normal??
Answer: Dear that is very normal. take care your self.avoid standing for long periods .get up slowly either from sitting or lying down.Eat small and frequent meals and avoid hot bath.avoid lying on your back and ware loose and comfortable cloths to avoid restricting circulation.take care
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Question: I have fibroids..will it affect the baby and will it harm for normal delivery?
Answer: If the size is small and in the place where it will not affect ur baby growth then don't worry. Do make sure to get ur check up done on regular basis to make sure there is no such size increasing
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Question: Ma'am I feel sleepy full day I walk on my terrace for 1 hour but also feels sleepy
Answer: It's normal dear. This is because of progesterone hormonal changes in body. Enjoy ur sleep
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