24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I Feel very depressed due to my marital relation. is it harming my baby?

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Answer: depression do affect your baby emotionally. Whatever you feel will be reflected to your little one, babies who are depressed in womb will have stubborn depression nature while they grow up. But it's not like if you worry for 1 night and your baby become depressed, just that you shouldn't be depressed all times during pregnancy. Try to deviate your mind from depression, start talking to people whom you like, go for a walk, eat your favorite food, listen to music of your taste, start talking to the little one inside you, if need be go for a general counseling. Just think how happy you will be when the little one comes in your hand, all other worries are secondary. Stay happy! !
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Question: I feel very annoyed with the baby..Am i depressed?
Answer: Hi , yes dear you might be depressed and its absolutely normal all the changes in life and physical changes can.make you depressed . So firstly look at your baby and see you make that baby inside you and you nurture him , he wants you at this point and there are many couples who are dying to have baby in their life but God choose you for this . So try to be busy with baby, play with him , love him. See you might love many other things but baby only loves you so try to make this time memorable because baby grow up.reall quickly. I can seriously tell you this and you will miss this time.when they grow up. So dont be depressed talk to somebody and share your feelings that's important and just remember it's just a time and it will pass..
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