5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel uneasy and suffocated. Not liking anything and resting in bed all the time. My mom said she didn't have any of these symptoms when she was pregnant. Please tell me, is anything wrong with me or it's a normal which differs person to person?

Answer: Hi dear, There is nothing wrong.pregnancy symptoms vary person to person.there is no particular rule to have such symptoms.so it is quite ok to feel it that way.
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Question: My baby is 20 days old. All these days she was sleeping normally at back position. But yesterday she was so cranky and didn't sleep on her back and when placed on her side she slept. Why is this happening??
Answer: It's totally normal and good also..try to make it a habit of ur baby to sleep on left side as it's good for digestion of ur baby
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Question: I got a home pregnancy test done which showed positive with a faint line ..when I consulted doctor she said me it's weakly positive..what does this mean ..is there anything to worry about ?? My LMP was 30th Nov
Answer: U can repeat the test, or u can go for beta hcg a blood test which confirms ur pregnancy or u can also go for usg scan as according to ur lmp till now fetal heart activity might have developed.
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Question: My baby is 15days old and when ever she pass gas she cry and I have no idea wats wrong with her..I'm a 1st time mom please help me how can I ease her pain?
Answer: Hi Dear Mom, I absolutely understand your concern and situation as i myself have gone through this situation however its a biological process that baby has to pass gas but the issue is they don't know how to pass the gas so when they try to pass gas they tighten there hip bone so the anal gets more pressure to pass on gas and there is no way for gas to release but if they move their legs that ease them to release the pressure and gas is released.. However they will learn the art of farting gradually by 4th month onwards😊😊
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