15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel too much period like pain is it normal?

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Answer: Getting abdominal pain is very normal in pregnancy this happens because of expanding uterus and shifting organs so please don't worry t
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Question: Today I feel too much almost 20 times baby movement in my tummy is it ok
Answer: No problem it's ok u just feel that movements that never comes again don't feel uneasy okk
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Question: I feel pain sometime period time pain....is it normal??
Answer: Yes dear, cramping in pregnancy is totally normal and usually it is not a sign of a problem.your uterus begins to grow, likely feels mild to moderate cramps in lower abdomen and lower back.not to worry.drink warm water and plenty of fluids.take care
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Question: I have period like pain is it normal?
Answer: Dear due 2 physical nd harmonal changes mild pain s common .if u have too much period like pain or cramping then ask to ur Dr on phone nd taje meducine as ur Dr suggest u .take care.
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