25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel too much of kicking there is any problem

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Answer: No it says your baby is active
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Question: I feel too much kicking , am twin pregnant
Answer: Hi.. Dear after about 20 weeks, you may feel  your baby moving every day, but there's a wide range of how much activity is considered normal. On some days, your baby may seem like the moving too fast while other times you may be less likely to notice every little kick and wriggle..
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Question: Is there any problem if i ate chilli too much
Answer: Hello dear. Yes, you can have chillies. Spicy foods are safe for your baby – but they may make you uncomfortable, especially if you're not used to them. Many pregnant women suffer from heartburn, and spicy foods can aggravate it. Take care.
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Question: There is no kicking but i can feel other movements. Is there any problem
Answer: No problem dear. Kicking will start from 28 weeks. As weeks goes by you will get clear and strong kicks.
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