15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel tired all the time ..i am 15 weeks pregnant ..and i have got bad cough and cold from past 1 month ..i met doctor had medicines but no change in the cough and cold . What do i do ? The moment i lie down my nose get blocks and i have to breathe feom mouth.

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Question: Am 38 weeks pregnant and am having nose blocks at night cant sleep with the blocks but i don't have cold?? Any remedies for this problem
Answer: Hi dear I have just answer your question please have a check . Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby got cold, runny nose with cough in the chest, wht should i do apart from giving medicines!!!
Answer: 1. Take some water and add some palm jaggery, tulsi, black pepper etc and boil it. Drink it at intervels. This drink is good for cough and cold 2. Take one spoon of honey and mix it with some turmeric and have it.This is good for throat infection and cough. 3.steaming
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Question: My baby have 5months old he have cold&cough very severely I consult doctor also but no change in nose saline drops also gives but no change
Answer: Nasivion drops in each nostril put only 1 drop. My baby got relief. But before that consult your peaditrician.
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