20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel that baby is not moving like other days?is that normal in 21th week?

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Answer: Yes it is ok dear. Sometimes you will feel lots of baby movement ans sometimes very low movement. Sometimes you will feel no movement at all. During my pregnancy for two day i was not feeling any baby movement so i went to the doctor and got a scan done. doctor said no problem at all. I saw that my baby is sleeping peacefully. I gave birth to a healthy baby through normal delivery and now my baby is 1.5 years old.
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    Ayesha Parveen1307 days ago

    thank u dear😊

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Answer: Some days babies are little lazy .. and are not as active as the other day.. but if you poke slightly or pat your belly or eat something tasty if baby responds with little kick or movement it means all is ok .. and if baby does not respond after doing all this consult your doctor
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Question: Now I'm in 36th week but sometimes baby is not moving, I feel bad
Answer: Dear at this stage baby should be moving once every hour. And please note if there is a gap of 2 hours without the movement you need to report this to ur gynae without any delay. Hope it helps.
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Answer: Hello dear, Please complete your question . It’s important to write your question in clear and simple Language it will easy for the experienced moms here to address. 
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