15 months old baby

Question: I feel sum pain in c section place even after 1yr ...is tht normal..?

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Answer: Yes.. It's normal.. I had c section and yet have pains more precisely during my cycles.. Doc say tht its normal.. Some feel pain due to muscle involvement there... Doc said so
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Question: After one month of c section i feel pain in lower abdomen,while get up,whether this s normal?
Answer: Rest well and try to keep everything that you need close to you. Don't lift heavy things except your baby. Having lower abdominal pain after giving birth is normal because most of the incisions are done on the lower part of the abdomen. Consult your doctor if the pain is unbearable.
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Question: is it common to feel pinching like pain in stitched area after c section
Answer: Hello! It depends how many days before you had the csection. Generally, till 6 weeks, there will be little pain order some pinching sensation and there isn't nothing too worry about its.
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Question: hi frnds is it is normal to have lower left abdomen pain after one yesr of c section ..my dr. said that sum stiches inside got pulled
Answer: Don't do heavy work which put strain on pelvis and take bed rest and more fruits and fluids in the diet and avoid caffeine and junk food
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