17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel some beats everywhere in my body......y is it so....is it Normal

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Answer: Yed
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Question: I feel my baby movements everywhere in my tummy left right ups and down everywhere is it normal?
Answer: Hello Yes dear it is absolutely normal nothing to worry. At this time yur baby is very active so he tends to move a lot. And as he is taking utmost space in yur womb he will have less space to move so even minor movements of yur baby will be more clearly felt by yu. So just relax n enjoy his kicks. Take care
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Question: My body is feeling hell of itching and rashes...... everywhere.... Wat is this y it comes am worried.... Doc..... And completely forming some some rashes everywhere
Answer: It could be due to hormonal changes in your body during pregnancy or food allergy or due to some problem in your liver function dear.. however please consult with your gynecologist and determine the exact cause and get it treated..
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Question: Im 30 week pregnant mom i have itching problem not only in my stomach everywhere in my body y s it so...?
Answer: Apply coconut oil or aleovera gel for itching problem. If my answer is satisfied then mark as helpful.
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