23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel sleepy all the day i sleep fr mote than 4hrs in aday and again i sleep around 6hrs at night i feel very sleepy all the time is that ok or does it effect my babies activness?

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Answer: Hey it's all because of your hormonal changes, but do ensure to fuel your body with vitamins and minerals, keep having small frequent meals. Do check with your blood parameters and make sure you don't have any deficiency.....this will help to improve energy levels. Low Hb levels and iron intake may also induce lethargy,make sure you have iron rich foods with vitamin c for better absorption. .if issue persists. Check with your doctor.
Answer: Hello, Dear your body is working hard right now to adjust the changes so that is why you are sleepy . There is no harm in sleeping or taking rest. It's good for you and baby both. But try to be bit active . Don't exert yourself but still read something, go for walk or just anything you like that will help you to stay active...
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    Bhavya shree1044 days ago

    Thank you sooo much

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Question: Hello.... Pls reply me i am not getting enough sleep in day and night having very less sleep..i am 4 month pregnant does it effect my baby's health and growth ???plsssss reply me i am very much worried.
Answer: Hi dear due 2 pgisucak nd harmonal changes u r not able to sleep so dint worry. Take plenty of liquids ,8 to10 glass water daily ,avoud oily spicy nd junk food ,taje dinner @8 pm Nd before bed time take milk wit honey, wear loose clothes nd room temprature should be normal . Try it it's helpful try it
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Question: I am not getting sleep at day nd night,,I sleep almost around 1am and wake up by 7am,,hardly I have 6hrs sleep only. may I know the reason nd does it effects the health of the baby?
Answer: Hi no problem because of harmone imbalance it will happen during pregnancy.In the upcoming months you will get more sleep .so don't worry it will not effect baby health.Eat proper food and drink plenty of water.
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Question: I feel sleepy all the time. Is it normal at this time?
Answer: Congrats on your pregnancy. This is quiet common during pregnancy, don't worry I too used to face the same, this would be due to the changes in harmons, it would settle down gradually. Take care.
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