15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel problm in taking breath i m 14 weeks pregnant now i feel pain in the middle of chest .. i used to mouth to take breathing.. i m very worried about this plz tell me.

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Answer: It will happen during pregnancy by Harmon changes don't get worry to reduce this problem you can do some normal breathing exercises like pranayaam . Do it in early morning time like 5:30 or 6:00 and also do some walking in fresh air you will feel better and also your baby too .🤗🙂
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    anjali bisht177 days ago

    I m facing same problem dear ..i m also 14 week pregnant ..

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Answer: Hi dear... Thank you for your question... Leg cramps are common during pregnancy... It can be due to fatique, electrolyte deficiency, strain, decreased blood flow to legs due to pressure offered by baby .. Drink plenty of fluids and fruit juices Tender coconut water Mild exercise....
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Question: Often I'm getting chest pain.... I'm unable to take breath for some time and I'm taking breath from mouth.. I'm planning for pregnancy...
Answer: Sometimes we mess up acidity problem with chest pain. At first confirm dat u r not suffering with acidity. If not then consult doctor. Yess the breathing problem may occur if its not acidity.
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Answer: Don't worry dear in pregnancy it will happen to all pregnant ladies.
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