20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel pain in stomach below rib at my left side from yesterday. Is it create any problem

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Answer: the diaphram is getting stretched so it is normal to feel pain. whenever u feel pain if lying down then sit for a while and walk abit, if it pains while u are sitting then just sit straight and walk for a while the pain will ease. but it will keep occuring back bcoz your baby is now growing. but its normal jus sit up and walk few seconds is the only remedy.
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Question: I have pain in vagina after doing continuous work, standing or sitting. When I take rest, it will be OK. Their is any problem or any solution
Answer: No problem dear it is very common and obviously normal because of your growing uterus and baby. Uterus is creating pressure on your pelvic region and because of that you can feel your abdominal pain and pain in your vagina and heaviness if you stand for longer period of time. Don't do that , always take small small break even if you are working for longer time in same posture.
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Question: Hi friends I am 27 weeks pregnant yesterday night I got 2 drops of blood from nose is it from over heat body is it normal
Answer: Sometimes during pregnancy nose bleeding is very normal, due to expansion of blood vessles in nose puts pressure and causes ruptures of vessels.sit down and pinch nose for few seconds in Every minute.sit upright position reduce blood pressure in the veins of the nose.use nasal decongestant in the nose if you feel any blockage.take care.
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Question: Hello any one urgent i feel like watery in stomach is it normal?
Answer: Watery like ?? Means u r feeling acidity bloating or something else
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