25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel pain in my nipples . what should I do

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Answer: normal in pregnancy
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Question: I have pain in my nipples, what should I do?
Answer: Hi dear.. breast pain and nipple pain is common in pregnancy. #wear comfortable bra, don't wear tight or wired bra. # stay hydrated and drink lemon water # you can put ice bag on your nipple # wear loose and comfortable cloths
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Question: my nipples are not out. latching milk make my nipples damaged. feel much pain while breastfeeding what should i do
Answer: Try these – • Apply some amount of breast milk, it will help in healing • Try nipcare cream its very effective • Use hot water towel compress • U can use nipple shield while feeding
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Question: My nipples pain during breastfeeding . What should i do
Answer: Mild pain is common during breastfeeding. In the starting month u will feel tenderness and sore nipples and u will also feel little discomfort when ur baby latches and u will feel mild pain and it will go automatically when u start nursing ur baby. Sore nipples can develop due to various reasons including poor breastfeeding latch, not using breast pump correctly or infection. U can get relief from pain when ur baby started latching properly
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Question: I feel burning and pain in my nipples what to do
Answer: Apply nip care cream, it will give immediate relief.
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