28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i feel numbness in my hand and legs..and pain in my hands..cant fold my hand. .what to do?

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Answer: hi dear numbness in hands and legs can be due to issues in blood circulation first of all you should see a doctor and report on this issue that you are facing of numbness in your hands and legs and if you can't even a hold the hand I mean if it is the rest area which is giving your trouble there is something called carpal tunnel , One of my friend had it during pregnancy. It went post delivery but exercise did help her a lot; Wrist rotation, Open and close hands, stress balls. warm mustard oil with some turmeric. It has brought her some relief and she felt better. Hope you feel better soon.
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    amrav kanwar946 days ago

    thanks alot

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Answer: hi dear! so if you feel numbness in your hand then it means that some nerve is getting compressed. dont worry you might have to visit your doctor so that medicine can be given to you dear. there is nothing to worry. take care.
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Question: What to do for pain in hand and legs
Answer: Hi ma'am pain in hands and legs is quite normal..that can be due to less calcium..so increase calcium intake like milk,panner, eggs and do light massage of hand and legs this will ke you feel relax...take care...good luck
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Answer: Hi Dear! I have already answered a similar question on the same topic from you please have a check .. Thank you!
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