15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i feel my nipples are getting dry and slightly itching

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Answer: This is common during pregnancy. Apply some good lotion. Do massage over there. Do not rub your nipples otherwise it will get rashes.
Answer: Apply coconut oil or moisturiser cream
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Question: Y my nipples r getting cracked and i feel more itching
Answer: Hello dear It is normal to have crack nipples and itching in breast and mainly in nipple area in pregnancy. It can be due to hormonal changes in pregnancy. U can apply ice or cold pack on ur itching area for 5 to 10 minutes will give u relief. Apply any fragrance free moisturiser to the rash area after taking bath. U can also apply cocoa butter to the itching area.
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Question: i feel my nipples are getting sore, i have 2 months baby and breast feeding him
Answer: Hello! you can treat sore nipples by massaging with oils like olive,coconut or sweet almond oil..it will keep the affected area moisturized and reduce dryness..heat a small amount of oil..apply the warm oil in nipples..repeat several times a day.before breastfeeding make sure to wash your nipples wirh warm water..take care
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Question: My skin is getting dry and my hands and thighs are itching alot is that ok
Answer: Hi mam there are many reason for this please consult doctor and check your sugar level. Some of the home remedy would be apply aleo vera itwould help you get better in itchy. You can also intake aloevera juice. Drink more water take water rich fruits.
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Question: Why my eyes are getting dry n am feeling itching
Answer: Hi Dear! Its normal to face issues with eyes in pregnancy few women face problems u can just talk to your Gynae and a drop may help to keep it hydrated. Hope this helps!
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