31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel more comfortable on Right hand side while sleeping,& doctors suggested to lye on left side so it is harmful to my baby please give me suggestions?

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Answer: Hi dear, Though, sleeping in left side is beneficial to you and your baby as in you it helps in preventing water retention,while in baby it is good for proper blood circulation.but no matter what third trimester moving around becomes very difficult.so sleep whichever way feels comfortable.but donot sleep on your back as it presses a large spinal nerve which could make you feel breathless and dizzyness.
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Question: I feel more comfortable on right side while sleeping is it safe for baby
Answer: Hi u should sleep on ur sides and best is left . As that let ur body get a proper blood circulation and ur baby get proper nutrition. U can sleep on right also but mostly try to sleep left.
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Question: It is advised to sleep on left side. But i feel more back pain and leg pain while sleeping on left side. I feel comfortable sleeping on right side. Is it okay to sleep on right side?
Answer: Hi dear sleeping on right side will get pressure on your liver and spin which way hampered digestion. For some time you can sleep on your right but try to see more on your left. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi but I feel more comfortable while sleeping on right side is that any prblm sleeping on right side
Answer: Hi, there is no problem at all. You can sleep on the right side. It is absolutely normal and nothing to wrong. Take help of lot of pillows to support you.
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