30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel like drinking cold water these days. Can i hv it. Plz advice

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Answer: Hello... No dear, it is said to avoid drinking cold water, because too hot or too cold water may cause stomach pain, it is better to have normal water...
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Question: Iam 11 week pregnant I hv cough ad feel like vomiting I didn't hv these problems frm these many days bt now it horrible
Answer: Hi,you are feeling like vomiting because if cough .try home remedies for cough. Have warm water Have honey water Have ginger honey paste Have steamalation. Put saline water nasal drops. You can take ajwain saik all this will help.
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Question: I dont feel like drinking water these days.. I dont like the water taste .. apart from fruit juices, tender coconut water what else can we have ? ORS health drinks ?
Answer: hi dear you should take at least 10 to 12 glasses of water per day it can be in any form like up tender coconut juice, and electrolyte powder milkshake and so on so make sure you take at least any form of this and also you could take some water at least 2 to 3 cup of plain water a day because water has the natural minerals init of body needs such minerals to maintain the metabolism
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Question: Wat I can drink inspite of water if I don't feel like drinking water
Answer: Dear try drinking shikanji which is lemon and sugar mixed in water. It helped me when I got pukish during pregnancy after drinking water. However keep the sugar very little as dissolved sugar increases sugar levels at a very fast rate. I used to even have only lemon water just to changes the taste of it and it also helps in controlling nausea. Hope it helps.
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