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Question: I feel less movements today why?

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Answer: There are various reasons a baby may move less. Babies experience cycles of sleep while they are in the womb, Your baby will not usually move during their sleep periods. Mothers emotional and physical state can influence the amount a baby will move. Dehydration and fasting can also cause the baby to move less, it is important to eat and drink well to ensure the health of the baby. movement is sometimes caused by a leak or rupture in the amniotic sac that surrounds the baby. Now baby is in full growth and has very less space. Baby has difficulties to move in the uterus due to low space. Call your doctor when you do not feel any movements.
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Question: I feel less movements today..30th week is going on ..why it happens?
Answer: Hello dear, the space inside the uterus is getting lesser as the baby is getting bigger so the movements tend to become lesser...Usually if you lie down you can feel your baby move... the more nervous you get the harder it is to feel the baby move...so.. Just relax... Eat something cold or sweet and within a half hour this usually helps in feeling the baby's movement....
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Question: Why baby is less active today.... Till yesterday baby is very actively kicking me today i feel only less movements
Answer: Movement can slow down due to gas Or as you get closer to your due date. Or baby sleeps in womb most of time. It should not be less than 6 to 7 kicks in a day. A total lack of movement, however, is a cause for concern, If you haven't felt much in the way of kicking for about an hour, no need to call right away. Instead, drink a glass of fruit juice (the sugar in juice will make your baby's blood-sugar levels jump, increasing the chances that he'll start kicking), then lie on your left side in a quiet room for half an hour. "If you don't count three to four movements within that time frame, give your doctor a call," 
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Question: Today i feel very less movements
Answer: hi it is possible that as the baby is growing due to the less space in the uterus the baby cannot move more but still to be on the safer side you should consult to the doctor
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