21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel heaviness in lower abdomen?I have got my ultrasounds report positive.Baby is healthy .but I don't know if it is common ?pls tell if anybody knows

2 Answers
Answer: Yes you feel heavy and tight often during pregnancy
Answer: It remains for short period of time.dont worry
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Question: I am in 9 months pregnancy. I feel pain in my Lower abdomen. Is it normal?
Answer: Yes normal your baby head coming down that's why you got pain donot worry
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Question: I have pain in my lower abdomen.
Answer: Hi dear,I know exactly what you are going through...it is due to uterus expansion pain..my doctor said some ligaments streches and gives that sharp pain😢..I used to take help.ot my husband to turn sides in bed..dear please take slower movements..though it is normal and safe but keep yourself comfortable.hopenitnhwlps you soon...
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Question: Hai I m 6th week of pregnancy and I feel some in my stomach I don't know upper or lower is it normal
Answer: There is nothing to worry about mild pain.. It is normal.. I had too.. Try having high fiber diet, plenty of water and walk at home only.. This will help to some extent.
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