18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel excruciating pain lower back area... Siting and again getting up is big problem for me.. is it normal to have lower back pain?

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Answer: Hello dear this is very normal in pregnancy. As the stomach enlarges and the body weight increases you will experience back pain. Take rest more . Sleep on the left side and keep pillow support at the back. Apply pain relief ointment and give little hot pressure. When in sitting position keep pillow at the back. It's good to have lukewarm water bath to reduce pain.
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Question: Im 5week pregnant,i feel lower back pain and leg pain is it normal for pregnancy?
Answer: Hi, this is common in pregnancy.take more fluids and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.take rest
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Question: I have lower back pain, even while walking I can feel the pain, is it normal??
Answer: hi dear back pain abdominal pain is normal during pregnancy this is due to the uterus grow the that's the reason why doctors advise us to take calcium and iron tablet throughout pregnancy and also I have to delivery so please add more calcium rich food in your diet that enhance the healthy bones and will save you from getting pain. Add more vegetables and Green leaves dear you can also take a more pulses grains and also take milk and dates everyday at more dry fruits in your diet you can take goat leg soup twicee in a week
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Question: pain in upper area of right hip and lower back...what to do...is it normal
Answer: Back pain during pregnancy isn't surprising, but it still deserves attention. Suggestions to relieve back pain – • Maintain good posture - Stand up straight and tall. When you stand, use a comfortably wide stance for the best support. If you must stand for long periods of time, rest one foot on a low step stool — and take time for frequent breaks. Good posture also means sitting with care. Choose a chair that supports your back, or place a small pillow behind your lower back. • Wear low-heeled — not flat — shoes with good arch support. • When lifting a small object, squat down and lift with your legs. Don't bend at the waist or lift with your back. It's also important to know your limits. Ask for help if you need it. • Sleep on your side, not your back. Keep one or both knees bent. Consider using pregnancy or support pillows between your bent knees, under your abdomen and behind your back. • Massage or the application of a heating pad or ice pack to your back might help. • Regular physical activity like brisk walking can keep your back strong and might relieve back pain during pregnancy • You can also practice yoga
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Question: I am 31 weeks pregnant.i feel pain in vagina area while getting up and lying down.is it normal
Answer: As Ur utres nd baby grows day by day u ll get vaginal pain which is normal n pregnancy Don't worry happy pregnancy
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