10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel empty stomach anytime even after having lunch dinner

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Answer: Hello, Dear it's normal. Some mom's lost appetite and some get it increased. Just try to eat small quick portion so that it don't cause vomit or heavy stomach. Also eat healthy food and completely avoid junks . You must check daily tips and videos on the app about diet so you know what to eat and what is healthy for you and baby. Take care..
Answer: It's normal dear during pregnancy
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Question: I feel hungry every now and then. Even after having breakfast lunch dinner. I want to keep munching on things
Answer: Hi dear it is very common in pregnancy to feel hungry even after 10 minutes of a full meal. You can eat a food that are less in calorie to avoid gaining extra weight during pregnancy. You can eat high fibre snacks to keep yourself full for longer like a handful of nuts, a bowl of roasted chana, a bowl of vegetable salad, a bowl of fruit salad with yoghurt, fruits, roasted Makhana, corns etc. Drink plenty amount of water and other liquids. Hope that helps.
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Question: I feel sometimes heavy after taking lunch or dinner even very less meal
Answer: It happens during first trimester try to have frequent meals inspite of having heavy meals at a time
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Question: Should we go with empty stomach or after having lunch for double marker test??
Answer: No need to go in empty stomach.. make sure u give the test on the same day of your scan..
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Question: I am 23 week pregnant, recently i have very bad acidity. Even after having lunch dinner, snacks i feel my chest is burning.
Answer: Drink water. Dnt skip meals.. Eat between 2 hours.. Drink Zeera water...
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