15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel comfortable sleep on right side. Is it ok?

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Answer: yes...dear but try to sleep on left side...sme things happen 'a to me also
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    K P chahal519 days ago

    Ok ji

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Question: My doctor suggest to sleep on left side but I feel comfortable on my right hand side is it kk
Answer: Also I got the same suggestion by my gyno.. but I feel comfortable on right side.. my baby is on right side.. and by sleeping by left there are less burden on uterus.. and by sleeping by left side blood circulation to baby is also better as compared to right side.. so I suggest please try to sleep by left side..
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Question: I am comfortable to sleep at right side nly is it nrml..if I sleep on left side I feel sleepless..
Answer: Dear please make it to 60% left side and 40% right side , to improves blood circulation to the heart and allows for the best blood flow to the baby , uterus and placenta.so any side sleeping is safest for your baby.
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Question: Do I sleep on my right side. I feel more comfortable over that side
Answer: You can sleep on any side, you feel comfortable with. That's not an issue. I also prefer sleeping on my right side. It will not cause any problem.
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