39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel burps and gastic alot now a days. Previously i didn't faced any of these issues. After having anything non spicy aso i tend to burp alot.

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Question: Hi.... I'm 8 weeks pregnant mother and I am a non vegetarian but after pregnancy I extremely hate any kind of non veg, oily and spicy foods as well as any kind of smell of any item. What should i eat to provide balanced nutrients to my baby?
Answer: Hi! First of all congrats! Start day with apples/coconut water/ soaked almonds etc. Have iron, magnesium, folic acid rich diet which should in your daily food consisting vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, everything all regular food no need to start anything special and just exclude the non veg part else have more paneer, cheese, nuts etc. U can have one cup of coffee or black tea a day . Nd as much of fennel ,chamomile, fruit , caffeine less tea. Take ample rest and drink lots nd lots of water. U can go fr walks if u want nd only if ur gynae permits. Hope you find this helpful..
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Question: Hiii. Before two days I feel symptoms of pregnancy but these days I didn't feel anything.. I am in normal
Answer: U r at 2nd trimister ...its time to enjoy...u must be feeling light energetic...its totally normal..be happy n enjoy...4th 5th 6th month mde aisa hi feel hota hai...
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Question: Now I am 12 weeks pregnant but till now I didn't feel any movement. Is there anything to worry about.
Answer: Hello dear. You should feel your baby's first movements, called "quickening," between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy. All the best.
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