18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I feel bubble typw movemnt in lower stomch and near vgina too wat is dat

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Answer: Hello dear, it's your baby moving... generally between 16-20 weeks your baby's movements are felt for the first time.. they feel like bubbling or fluttering in your abdomen... because the baby is really small and kicks are pretty mild...but as your pregnancy progresses and your baby grows the kicks are bound to get stronger.. all the best dear..
Answer: Hi dear bubble like movement is absolutely normal during pregnancy and it is possible in your baby's first movements or hiccups which is very common at 18 weeks of pregnancy. Don't worry and just enjoy your pregnancy.
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Question: My 21week is running..i feel something bubble like in lower stomach. Is it baby movement ?
Answer: Hello dear To me also it feels like bubbles popping around in my belly. It's never felt like fluttering or gas to me. I'm sure everyone feels it differently. It comes frequently, and it's the same feeling every time. It is very exciting and it reassures that ur baby is growing and getting stronger every day.
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Question: Some pain near vagina and lower abdomen...is dat normal???
Answer: Yes... very normal but have drotin ds tablet if u want to avoid such pains...
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Question: I feel burning gas like in stomch
Answer: Gastric issues can cause irritation. Drink cold milk to get relief from gas. Or ask doctor for the right medicine for gas
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