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Question: I feel baby movements frequently but on my abdomen that too very low.. is it a problem.. feeling panic..

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Answer: hi dear the baby's movement is more on the abdomen there is nothing to worry it's because of the position of the baby the baby is right now in breech position so the moment will be there more on the abdomen there is nothing to fear or worry at all. as baby changes the position the moments will also changed from the abdomen to different parts of the stomach take care dear
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    priya manickam210 days ago

    Thank you so much

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Question: Hi i feel baby movements that are too frequently and sometimes i get a major punches
Answer: This all golden movement enjoy it,after pregnancy u will miss those punches.And baby movement will gradually reduce at 8 and 9 months since it don't have enough space to move...
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Question: hye.... i feel baby movements in my lower abdomen and my baby position is cephlaic presentation ....but why i feel very low movements
Answer: Actually some time you may feel your baby movements are low . So you need not worry about it. First you need not worry that you will end up in c sec as you baby has come to chephalic position. Secondly try having orange juice with extra sugar and you will immediately find some movements of your baby.
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Question: Is it is OK to not feel baby movements frequently as some day. I'm on my 25th week. Today I feel very less movements. Please reply. I'm worrying
Answer: I think it's normal that is happening to me and I am on my 27 week . Some days movement is less..
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